We are a not-for-profit organisation created as a project within two Teignmouth charities - Volunteering in Health and The Alice Cross Centre - to offer affordable ways for people to lose weight, get fitter and improve their wellbeing.

100% of the Trim Club and at least 25% of our other activities are donations to these and the British Heart Foundation charities.

Lose Weight

Do you want to lose a stone in 3 months for just £1 per week?


Get Fitter

Do you want to get fitter and healthier for just £4 per week?


Couch to Jog

Do you want to try a parkrun but never exercised?


At Work

Do you want to start a wellbeing initiative in your workplace?


Start a Group

Are you interested starting or hosting a new TrimTeign group?


TrimTeign Online

Can't get to a group? Join online or start your own.

Coming soon...

Trim Club

Lose 1 lb per week for only £1 per week… and every pound goes to charity!

Groups currently in Teignmouth, and Shaldon will be joining us from January 2019

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Exercise Classes

We have lots of ways to get fitter on Motivating Mondays at The Alice Cross in Teignmouth.

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Healthy Eating Workshop

1.30 - 2.30pm, Mondays at The Alice Cross, Teignmouth.

Learn to prepare a healthy meal to take away for just £2.00
… and the great company is free!

Alice Cross Centre, 1-3 Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth, TQ14 9BT
Tel: 01626 778039 or email trimteign@gmail.com

Activity Tracker Hire

Activity Trackers are ideal for counting your steps and sleep quality and motivating you in your efforts to move more.

They can be hired for two weeks and returned, or bought for a further £12.

Contact trimteign@gmail.com or ask at your next TrimTeign excercise class.

TrimTeign Online

Watch this space, it's coming soon!

Vegan Wannabes

Currently in development as an alternative route for weight-loss.

Watch this space, it's coming soon!

We are currently fund raising for a outdoor gym or Hardship Fund so everyone can Trim4Free -Click DONATE if you can you help us?