How happy are your employees?

CIPD research suggests that every £1 spent on wellbeing returns £8 although few employers measure this.

A Trim Teign consultant can train one of your employees as a Health Champion who can then launch one or more of the following wellbeing initiatives:

  • On-site Trim Club
  • Activity Programme (following staff consultation)
  • An Employee Cash Plan ( providing cashback for dental, optical, physio, consultant, tests, complementary therapies and wellbeing massages)
  • Bike to Work Scheme (offering tax advantages so savings of up to 60% on bike purchase)
  • Online staff survey to determine the effectiveness of your Wellbeing Initiatives

A Times Business report (November 2017) stated that a PwC survey found that 83% of employees felt that improved wellbeing influenced their productivity and loyalty to their company. CIPD states that members who monitor Wellbeing initiatives report that improvements of up to 50% can be made in juvst absenteeism alone. An employee cashplan is an easy initiative to roll out that is perceived as a welcome extra benefit by staff yet costs from just £1 pp pw

Please phone Pauline Janin for a free initial consultation 07958 614209. Please note that the £500 Training fee goes toward wellbeing charities and any staff contributions can also be paid to TrimTeign or your ofwn company charity.


We are currently fundraising for an outdoor gym in Teignmouth and if you are willing to sponsor a unit we will display your company logo on the sponsoring plaque and /or your employees may like to organise a sponsored event to  help us fund raise .. or just make a personal donation on the Total Giving page

Your company logo could be on this outdoor gym station