Lose Weight

Do You Want to Lose a Stone in 3 Months?

Join us any time to lose 1 lb per week for only £1 per week… and every pound goes to charity!

Registration costs £5, then you'll pay £1 each weigh-in or make a £15 donation with nothing further to pay over the 3 month programme (preferred option). We can claim even more for charity via Gift Aid if you pay tax

Over 100 people have joined to date, and many are still with us.

The average weight loss is around 5 lbs in 3 months but our maximum has been 22 lbs!

Drop in

1.30 - 2.30pm, Mondays at Alice Cross, Teignmouth
11.00am -12.00pm, Thursdays at ViH, Teignmouth Hospital
4-5pm, Sundays at Coast View, Shaldon (from 6th Jan 2019- Advance payment £15 only but free for Charity Leisure members.)

Our Trim Clubs provide:
  • A Welcome Pack with booklets, personal tracker and one-to-one discussion about your ideal weight and target
  • A weekly weigh-in and support
  • A weekly email to all members providing feedback on: average group weight loss; member achievements; factsheets; and weight loss tips
  • All information is based on NHS Healthy Eating Guidelines and anyone above an ideal weight can join
  • An opportunity to loan or purchase activity trackers
  • An opportunity to join any of the TT exercise classes or workshops from £0-£4pw